A Working Lunch: Food Service Options To Help With Productivity

A lunch break is something that almost every employee looks forward to. While most lunch breaks are ideal for enjoying meals, a number of people tend to work through these breaks while they're eating. Less than 20 percent of employees actually leave for lunch according to a recent study. If you have a motivated group of employees, then there are a number of ways you can help increase productivity, communication, and morale. A variety of food service management companies can help with various services to provide assistance and help with your employees. Learning about these services can make a big difference on how lunch breaks are handled every day.

Hot and Prepared Meals

One of the biggest time wasters when employees go on lunch break is wasting time preparing foods. This may done through a microwave, mixing meals, or preparing meals brought from home. When hiring a food service company, you have the option of providing your employees with hot and fresh meals. The meals can be prepared and ready to serve just as lunch break starts. This allows employees to get their food quickly and sit down to eat. By eliminating the prep time, employees can socialize, talk about work, and eat as soon as possible.

Grab and Go Meals

When employees chose to work through lunch, the food choice is important. You do not want to have something that is messy, hard to handle, or takes up a lot of space on a big tray or plate. To help with better food choices, you have to ability to work with a food services company in choosing a custom menu. Sandwiches, wraps, and finger foods like chicken tenders can all be added to your menu as needed. You can also choose not to serve messy foods like pastas or soups that employees may not want to eat in front of computers, tablets, and other electronic devices. The grab and go food options are also ideal for outdoor eating. Employees can sit together outside, enjoy fresh meals, and still get some work done.

Lunch Timing

Depending on the amount of employees you have, you may have to schedule scattered lunches for your business. This could effectively double the amount of time it takes to get back to work and limit communications or work that is being done between two employees. One way to help with this is by hiring a food services company to help coordinate the preparation and cooking of meals. When a third-party company is completing the cooking, it can really help you manage lunch schedules easier. An expanded dining area can provide a lot more space than a break room and make it easier for co-workers to take a lunch break at the same time. Large food orders can be processed and cooked on a daily basis to help accommodate employees. By cutting down the scattered lunch times, you'll have more time when everyone is in the actual office and work can flow a lot easier.

Vending Options

Along with freshly prepared meals, a food services company can provide your lunch room with vending options. Vending machines can make it easy to get quick snacks or drinks. This quick process will keep employees at your business and avoid them running to a convenience store, food truck, or other location where they seek drinks and snacks. Drink-based vending machines can include both hot and cold drinks including coffee, sodas, and juices. Choosing multiple vending machines will give your employees a lot of options and a number of things they can eat with the prepared meals.

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