A How-To Guide For Catering Your Own Party

You've decided to set a date and send out invitations for an exciting party you're hosting. The big day will soon be here, and food options are becoming more daunting as the time ticks closer. Rather than hire a caterer to make and deliver food for the event, why not do it yourself? Here are some tips to help you organize and create some delicious memories for you and your guests.

Plan Well in Advance

As soon as you've gotten a handle on how many people will be attending, it's time to start planning. Come up with several ideas for finger foods, main dishes, desserts, and beverages. Then, make sure you get a good list of all ingredients you'll need to make each item and write them down in a notebook, separating them by recipe. Perhaps the most important part of the planning process is to make sure you have the correct amount of ingredients to make enough servings for the number of people who will attend. You may need to double or even triple the number of servings per recipe.

Determining Your Need for Space

If you have a lot of guests, it's important to remember that you will need plenty of room to make, store, and serve your goodies. Be sure the fridge has lots of empty space where you can make and then keep the food until it's ready to serve. You can also opt to make hot and cold dishes so that some of your food is stored easily and then presented when ready. Veggie trays with homemade dips, small finger sandwiches, and even a zesty gazpacho make excellent cold food choices. For hot food, you can never really go wrong with items easily made and served from the crock pot. Meatballs, warmed up dips served with pita bread, and small smoked sausages are all fun hot party foods. Create one main dish like grilled or broiled fish, stuffed peppers, or bruschetta with proscuitto for a gorgeous and mouth watering spotlight item.

Giving Your Food Some Personality

In order to make your party a memorable one, why not add a bit of your own personal touch and pizzazz? Create some cute signs to put into each dish that labels them, so everyone knows what they are eating. If you offer cheese, use a nice, slate cheese board and write on it with chalk to identify the different cheeses. If you'll be serving wine, use cute wine charms so everyone knows which glass is theirs. Decorate the table with beautiful tablecloths and colorful serving dishes. Buy fun party napkins to add a splash of color to the event. The more creative you get with your food and its presentation, the more fun everyone will have and can enjoy the food you've prepared for them.

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